Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Home Free + The Oak Ridge Boys = True!

Very early this morning (my time), or very late last night depending on how you live your life, The Oak Ridge Boys announced on Twitter that on the 22nd of June they will go into the studio with Home Free to record ORB's hit song Elvira together. This is news a lot of us Fries have been waiting and hoping for. We know that the two groups have a mutual respect for each other and are friends, both groups have a bearded member and a member that likes to wear hats; in The Oak Ridge Boys it just happens to be same member and in Home Free they are two different members; both groups have amazing harmonies and both groups also have awesome bass singers. The biggest difference between the two groups is that The Oak Ridge Boys has instrumental music to their songs, and Home Free does not. Another thing the two groups will have in common soon is the Grand Ole Opry, where The Oak Ridge Boys has performed for decades already, and Home Free will have their premiere performance next month. I am sure that first one will be followed by many in the years to come, just like The Oak Ridge Boys. In a way I guess Home Free is the new The Oak Ridge Boys.

The Oak Ridge Boys have a long history with name changes, genre changes and member changes, but the current line-up have been around since the early 70's, and by then they were already a country band. They bring a lot of experience to the table, and this is a great opportunity for Home Free to get their name out their some more.

Edit; Check out the result right here! 

The collaboration with The Oak Ridge Boys is not the first collaboration that Home Free has been involved in; their video of Ring of Fire, by Johnny Cash, features Avi Kaplan, the bass singer of Pentatonix. They also did a Christmas song together with the violinist Taylor Davis - yes, there was an instrument on a Home Free song. Another collaboration they did was with Peter Hollens on Dan + Shay's hit song 19 You + Me. Peter and Home Free did two different versions and videos of the same song, they then released them at the exact same time and they are both great. 

You can check out the videos by following these links; 

You can read all about The Oak Ridge Boys here, they have way too much of history to cover in this little piece.

If you have never heard Elvira before, you can check it out below. And if you have heard it before I'm sure you'd like to hear it again. Anyway, this is the song they will be recording next week, and I am extremely excited to hear the result, and I am hoping for a video at some point too.

Edit; One of my readers reminded me of the amazing collaboration on Baby It's Cold Outside with the Canadian Singer Kira Isabella. This is one song I've always really liked, but I've also always felt there was something missing. Up until I heard this rendition. Maybe you like it too. Thanks, VJ, for the reminder.



  1. Another great post, Carina!! Btw: don't forget about the great collab with Kira Isabella for Baby It's Cold Outside. ;-)

    1. Oh, yes of course, I had a feeling I was missing something. I guess because there is no official video of it. I'll edit it into the post somehow. Thanks, VJ, for the support and for the help! :)

    2. No problem, Carina! Your blog makes me happy & smile a lot!!

    3. What about the 'unofficial' collaboration of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas with Jewel?