Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How I Spent My Birthday

Saturday was my birthday! Yaaay! I turned 45, I know right, who would have thought?! I only remember my age sometimes when I look in the mirror. I've never had a real crises about my age, and I was afraid I was going to get it now since a friend of mine had it when turning 45. But, I didn't. I still love life, and that's all that matters to me. I still do what I want to do. I love my job, family, friends, writing, listening to music, watching Home Free videos, sunbathing, watching series and films, blogging, traveling and so much more. So, I just figure why stress about what I don't have, what I haven't achieved or that I am closer to death. Because, let's face it, I am! Every day. I'll just enjoy what I can and what I have while I'm still alive. Yaay for life!

Anyway, my birthday was a perfect day to me. First I got to sleep in, and then I got breakfast in bed by my Sweetie and the kitties. And Sweetie gave me a very nice neckless. The kitties are supposed to get me a present sometime this week. Apparently it was raining too much for them to go out shopping last week. I think they are just lazy. He he

From my son I got a composition. He composed a song for me, for my birthday and it's called "Where We Find Love". You can find it here! Isn't that a lovely title? While you're there you should have a listen to his other songs as well. And if you like it why not support him so he can keep doing his music and grow as an artist. If you want to, of course! If nothing else, please comment good stuff on his songs!

After breakfast and presents I spent the day in bed watching series, since I was tired from being on the antibiotics and on and off sinusitis for the past 3-4 months. And hey, I'm getting to see a specialist for it in a couple of weeks. Another Yaaay!

In the evening we had tacos and watched the film "Interstellar". It was actually surprisingly good, I thought. Different. Oh, tacos the Swedish way is one of the most popular weekend foods in Sweden, especially on Fridays. I prefer it on Saturdays, though. Because I'm different that way! Ha!

Anyway, I had a great day! And I am feeling a lot better than I was! Life is truly great, and I am so grateful for all I have!

I hope you are too!

Oh, and keep you're eye out for my next short story, It will be up this week!


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  1. So pleased you had a lovely day Carina, much love x