Friday, 6 February 2015

Fiction; The Memory of Laura

The smooth, deep voice hit Laura's ears like a car in full speed hits a brick wall. She couldn't see the person owning the voice, but she didn't have to. She knew who it was. She had hoped never to hear it ever again, at least not in real life. In her head she could hear it every day. And every night. There was no escaping it. A cold chill went through her, and she shrugged as the hairs all over her body stood straight up. She was too afraid to turn around and look at him. She didn't want him to see her. She didn't want to see him! Ever again! At this point she didn't think he had seen her, and she wanted to keep it that way. She was glad she had new clothes on, including the hat she had bought just yesterday. It was the type that goes down and covers your ears, and ties under your chin. It would make it more difficult for him to recognize her. 

Thank God for winter! Laura thought to herself, shivering.

The commute train came to a stop and Laura got off, using all her effort not to run or draw attention to herself. It wasn't actually her stop, but she needed to find safety. Fast! Her heart was beating full speed, like if it was trying to leave her. Like it was trying to get away from this body that knew him. As the train left the station Laura turned around and looked in through the window, not being aware that she did so until her eyes met his. All air left her and her knees weaken. Laura felt as if she had died. She almost wished she did.

After what felt like an eternity and yet only a second all at once, but what actually was about five minutes, a train came going the opposite direction of where she had been going. Laura got on it. Still in kind of a haze, with her mind all blurry, but she was in survival mode now, escape was the only thing on Laura’s mind. To get away from this place, from him.

She had done it before and she can do it again. 

- Steve, he found me, Laura said to the man on the phone. I'm leaving here, where can I go?

Steve was the clever, gentle and handsome agent from the witness protection department that had helped her get a new life after she had witnessed against her father in the murder trial. Laura had seen her dad first strangle her mom, then brutally rape her dead body before sawing it into tiny pieces. Laura had been tied up with her eyelids taped open so she wouldn't miss a thing. After he was done he had fallen asleep, drunk, and Laura had managed to escape, thanks to him leaving the saw he had used on her mother close enough for her to move the chair over there and saw the ropes around her wrists off. Since Laura and her mom had been on the run from her father for years before he found them, and since she had seen what she had seen, she was now in the witness protection program. Laura wasn't even her real name. She wasn't really a brunette under that new winter hat.

The police was never able to find her mother's body, so it was Laura's word against her dad's. And even though the cops believed her, the evidence wasn't strong enough, and her dad was a complete charmer when he needed to be, so the jury had not convicted him. They had loved him. Everybody did. Except for Laura. And maybe Steve The Agent.

And now, he had found her. 

She rushed down the street to the waiting taxi, with her rucksack on her back, pulling her biggest suitcase, Laura got instructions from Steve on what to do and where to go. She nervously looked around her and told the taxi driver to drive her to the Airport. A brief moment of safety came over her, but it disappeared as soon as it came. She was far from safe yet.

Laura woke up a few hours into the flight, and squeezed herself out of her seat by the window. She was in big need of the toilet right now.

Oh yes, there's no queue! she cheered in her head while approaching the open door. 

Maybe I can finally start feeling safe! Laura thought. No way her father knew where she had gone.

It was Laura's last and final thought in life. As she entered the toilet a tall, blond man came up from behind and pushed her in at the same time as he slit her knife with a sharp plastic book mark he had smuggled in through security check. 

- Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. He whispered in his smooth, deep voice, when he closed to door from the outside.

Before anybody had noticed he had left it, he was back in his seat again. The flight was about to land.

Nobody noticed Laura’s dead body until everybody had left the plane. It took a few hours before Steve found out. He cried for her when he was the only one attending her funeral. Laura never made any friends during her haunted life on the run. She had always been too afraid to get close to anybody.

No matter how scared and haunted someone on the run is, from now on I will always tell them to live their lives, to have fun, love and laugh, Steve decided while driving home. I'll do it as a memory of Laura.

/Love Carina

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  1. OK , nu som är en inters liten bit . Jag tyckte att det var väldigt lite extra sammanhang där du vill placera din berättelse , eftersom det då tillåtet fantasin att fylla i tomrummen.