Thursday, 26 February 2015

A Walk With A View

After work today I went for a walk with my good friend T and her new dog B. We walked on the long beach along the Mediterranean Sea (it is actually the longest beach in southern Europe, on the mainland), the was dog skipping, playing, in sand around our feet, absolutely loving every second of, and the waves were hitting the beach just next to us. It was a bit cloudy, but the temperature was very nice and we wore long sleeve, thin jumpers; no coats or jackets were necessary. It was lush, beautiful, lovely, fun and energizing. It always is on our walks. Refreshing for body, mind and spirit.

T and I talk about life, about feelings, being in the now and about the future. It's always a very good time when we see each other, and time always fly. Too quickly. But I always leave our meetings feeling happier, stronger and more alive.

Today we went out on one of the piers along the beach, and I filmed the view, all around, from where we were standing. It is T you see in the clip. This is about a 25 minute walk from my house. This is one of the big joys of my life. The Sea, and the mountains in the background behind the houses. The sounds, the smell, the taste, the feelings. It's all giving me life.

Film clip from the pier in Carjaval, Fuengirola, Spain

The African coastline is just out of sight from here, but on clear days you can see it from the mountains behind us. I always think that is so cool.

By the way, next I'll try moving it slower. :)


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